Here are some of our affiliates and they focus on the same goals as Cityscape Therapy.

Legacy Treatment Center:

Legacy Outdoor Adventures & Juniper Canyon Recovery Center for Women are premier wilderness therapy programs for adults. Legacy & Juniper Canyon guide adults (men & women) on a journey of self-discovery, healthy recovery, and personal growth. Both programs are gender-specific and licensed as Residential Treatment Centers as well as wilderness therapy programs, specializing in outdoor adventure recovery.

The Loa Fund:

The Loa Fund provides financial support to qualified individuals that would benefit from Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare treatment for mental health or addiction, including education, prevention, and treatment.

We believe that through healthy interventions, ongoing collaboration, and effective wilderness and residential programing we can provide everyone with the opportunity to grow mentally, physically, and emotionally. LOA FUND creates unique opportunities for individuals to receive mental health care, develop support for addiction recovery, and establish healthy family relationships. Through fundraising, community awareness interventions, and program evaluation, LOA FUND ensures that each person’s experience is optimally suited for their needs and their strengths. By working with providers and offering scholarships to those in need, we give families hope and make change a genuine possibility.

The Loa fund is based in Utah and has representatives in Seattle, Las Vegas, Washington D.C and NYC. It is registered in the US as a 501c(3) non-profit organization.


A collaborative initiative aimed at utilizing nature connection as a prescriptive remedy to address a multitude of present-day challenges. Science is proving what we intuitively know: Nature makes us happy. We are wired to be outside! Research tells us that people report being unhappy in the workplace. On the contrary, people report being their happiest while on vacations, with friends, or listening to music. Unsurprisingly, people report experiencing their highest levels of happiness while spending time outside.

Frederick Law Olmsted designed Central Park in 1858. He recognized that people needed nature in order to get along with one another and to be their best selves. He once famously distributed flyers to doctors’ offices all across New York City which stated.”Please tell your patients to go to Central Park because it will help them feel better!” 

Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare

The purpose of the Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Center is to carry out comprehensive research and to provide credible, objective information to the industry. The information developed by the research cooperative is subjected to rigorous evaluation by the OBH Center’s Technical Review Committee and the External Peer Review Committee in order to ensure its accuracy and objectivity before publication in journals and other publications.

To obtain copies of numerous research studies conducted in our field visit the OBH Center’s Publications website